Report and Support cannot provide an immediate response to urgent concerns or ongoing incidents. If there is an immediate risk of serious harm to you or anyone else please call the emergency services on 999 (to call from a University extension dial 9999). Please also notify the University’s Security and Response Team on 01334 46 8999 (to call from a University extension dial 8999). In any other circumstances that require an immediate response, you should call the University’s Security and Response Team on 01334 46 8999. 

To report a Covid-19 incident (for example, if someone persists in breaking the rules or fails to respect community members), visit the Report Covid-19 issues web page.
Students coming forward to disclose or report any form of abuse or assault, including bullying and harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct or hate crime will not face University disciplinary action for having breached Covid-19 health and safety guidelines. No University disciplinary action will be taken in relation to breaches of Covid-19 health and safety guidelines which are disclosed by students in the process of providing information to the University for the purposes of contact tracing. 

University support 


External support 

  • ChildLine – if you’re a child or young person, ChildLine will listen to you and help you work out what to do next.  
  • ParentLine Scotland provides support for anyone caring for or worried about a child.  
  • If you’re an adult and worried about a child, the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) have professional counsellors who can give help, advice and support.  
  • Sense is an organisation committed to safeguarding children, young people and adults. If you are concerned about yourself or somebody else, Sense can provide advice or help. 
  • If you’ve been affected by a crime, contact Victim Support Scotland. Victim Support offers phone, live chat, and other online support. 

There are two ways you can tell us what happened