University Support

Support for students - How do I get support and what will happen?
If you think you have been spiked, you can contact or notify Student Services.  You can do this during week days by phoning or emailing the Advice and Support Centre, or on evenings, overnight and weekends by calling the Security and Response Team who will put you in touch with Student Services.  This will give you the opportunity to speak to someone about what has happened, how you are feeling and get some advice on how to manage this moving forward. If you need an urgent appointment, these can often be scheduled for the same day.  

Student Services can provide testing strips for drinks and urine, which may be helpful if the incident occurred in the past few hours. They will only indicate if someone has been spiked by specific drugs, and will not detect spiking by additional alcohol.  If along with being spiked you were also assaulted or sexually assaulted, Student Services can provide sensitive and tailored support and advice.  
After discussing the incident and what you wish the next steps to be, your adviser will send a follow up email.  This email will summarise what you spoke about in the appointment, as well as list additional resources you may need.
Student Services will provide support regardless of whether or not you wish to disclose the incident to the Police.  For most instances of spiking, Student Services will not disclose anything to the Police without your permission.  However, there may be cases where there are ongoing risk concerns, or if an incident of spiking has occurred involving multiple people at the same event, they may need to notify the Police of this.
You will be advised that you can choose to make a disclosure via Report & Support if you have not done so already, to help the University know that this has occurred.  If you believe you were spiked by another student, you can indicate that you wish to take this matter to the Student Conduct team and file a formal disclosure.  

External support 

Victim Support Victim Support is an independent charity for victims and witnesses of crime. They offer free, confidential help to anyone who’s been affected by sexual harassment. Call 08 08 16 89 111.

Rape Crisis Scotland  Most spiking incidents do not involve a secondary crime, however, if you suspect you have been assaulted or sexually assaulted after being spiked, it is important to tell someone and get support. Rape Crisis Scotland can put you in touch with your local Rape Crisis centre for support, they offer free and confidential support.


There are two ways you can tell us what happened