If you are experiencing bullying that you believe is not a serious or criminal offence, you may want to consider the following informal options: 
  • Discuss the problem with the person causing the offence– this should comprise giving one or more concrete examples of the unacceptable behaviour and agreeing how behaviour will change in the future. You may not be confident doing this alone and can request support from some other person such as a trusted member of staff, a friend, a Student Services adviser (for students), or HR (for staff). 
  • Write to the person causing the offence, outlining the unacceptable behaviour, with examples, and asking for a change in behaviour. You may want to have someone read over this letter so as not to escalate the situation. 
If this is a serious or criminal offence, you can consider formal disclosure options for mentioning any bullying incidents.

See other support options on the how to get support page

There are two ways you can tell us what happened